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GJPD Yard Sale For United Way Takes Place Saturday, August 23 #GVCopBeat #gjco #mesacounty

The annual Grand Junction Police Department Yard Sale for United Way will take place Saturday, August 23 from 7:00am-2:00pm at the corner of 7th St. and Pitkin Ave.  All proceeds will benefit United Way of Mesa County.  Hope to see you there!

Public Yard Sale For United Way 2014 Flier

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911 Dispatchers Team Up with the Grand Junction Rockies to Educate Residents About Emergency Services in Mesa County #GVCopBeat #gjco #mesacounty

Logo GJ911

Join us for the Grand Junction Rockies game tonight at 6:30pm at Suplizio Field!

One of our 911 dispatchers will be throwing out the first pitch!


The Grand Junction Regional Communication Center is thrilled to be able to team up with the Grand Junction Rockies to bring you important information about 911 services in Mesa County.  Below are some key messages everyone who lives or works in Mesa County needs to know.


Why You Need to Sign Up for Emergency Notifications

Do you use a smartphone or tablet?

Would you want to know if there was an emergency affecting your neighborhood right now, even if you weren’t at home?

Disasters and emergencies can happen anywhere, and we in Mesa County are not immune.  During these incidents, a crucial tool in keeping people safe is the ability to instantly provide the public with critical information, regardless if they are at home or not. The problem is, emergency responders can’t effectively and efficiently provide you with this critical information unless you take a couple minutes to sign up to receive alerts from the Mesa County Emergency Notification System.  This is especially true for people who no longer have traditional, landline phones in their homes.

The Emergency Notification System allows 911 dispatchers to send critical alerts to the mobile devices you register.  You can receive the messages as text, voicemail, and email, and you have complete power over which of your devices gets the messages and in what format.  What’s more, you can link your contact information to multiple addresses in Mesa County.  That way if there’s an incident near your child’s school, you can know about it while you are at work.  Or perhaps you have an elderly parent who lives alone.  You can receive alerts involving that address as well.  You are able to use this system in a way that best works for you and the people you care about.

It only takes a couple of minutes to get signed up.  Use this link.



If You Ever Have to Call 911

Hopefully you will never need to call 911, but if you do, there are some important things you need to know.

The first is your address or location. The 911 dispatchers need to know where to send the help.  Try to be as specific as possible.

You also need to make sure the scene around you is safe. Car crashes, for example, can pose safety risks to the people trying to help those involved.  Look for any hazards, such as downed power lines, leaking fluids from the vehicle, or other vehicle traffic.  If you are calling about a fire or flood, make sure you are in a safe location before you call to report them. And law enforcement incidents may require you to shelter in place or to evacuate.

When you call 911, try to remain calm, and don’t hang up the phone until the 911 dispatch tells you to hang up.  Remember that it may take several minutes for the emergency responders to arrive, but know that help is on the way.

In some situations, the person you are trying to help may need medical attention immediately, even before the paramedics can get there.  The 911 dispatchers are trained to help you through that process, even if you don’t have any medical training or experience.

For more information about 911 services in Mesa County visit our Grand Junction Regional Communication Center webpage.

Why 911 Dispatchers May Not Automatically Know Your Location When You Call

Here’s a pop quiz for you…

True or false?

When you call 911 from a mobile phone the dispatcher automatically knows where you are located.

The answer?……. False

A lot of people think that their mobile phones can pinpoint their location when they call 911.  The reality is they can give the 911 dispatcher a general idea of where you are, but not an exact location.

So how close do they come to your exact location?  That depends on your wireless carrier and their cell towers and technology.  Some can get you within a few hundred feet, others within a few blocks.  And, if you’re in a building with more than one floor, the location will not show which floor you are on.

That’s why during emergencies it is critical to know where you are, or at least be able to describe what is around you in good detail.  Pay attention to street names and mile markers, for example.  Know the exact addresses of places you visit often.  When visiting someplace new, look for identifiable features or landmarks.  And when you do call 911 tell the dispatcher your mobile phone number, so that if you get disconnected the dispatcher can call you back.

For more information about 911 services in Mesa County visit our Grand Junction Regional Communication Center webpage.

What You Should Teach Your Kids About 911

Frequently we hear stories in the news about young kids who saved lives because they knew how to call 911.

Would your child know what to do in an emergency?

While it’s important to teach kids that dialing 911 is not a game, they also need to feel comfortable calling 911 during true emergencies.

And start early, as soon as they are able to grasp the concept of what an emergency is.

Role play with your kids and give them examples of what are or are not emergencies.

“If someone falls off a ladder, is that an emergency?”  Or  “If you have a really bad dream, is that an emergency?”

Once they have a firm grasp of what an emergency is, show them the phone and how to use it if they did need to call 911.

And tell them to never hang up until the 911 dispatcher says it’s ok to hang up the phone.

That’s also important if you or your child accidentally calls 911.  Don’t immediately hang up.  Instead, wait for the dispatcher to answer and explain what happened.  If you don’t talk to them, they will send a law enforcement officer to you to check on you.

911 is a great tool for keeping people safe or getting them help when they need it.  Make sure your kids know what to do and how to call for help.

For more information about 911 services in Mesa County visit our Grand Junction Regional Communication Center webpage.

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911 Goes To The GJ Rockies- Stop By Our Booth For Great Information For You And Prizes For The Kids #GVCopBeat @GJRockies

Logo GJ911The Grand Junction Regional Communication Center, which provides 911 service for all of the law enforcement and fire agencies in Mesa County, is going to the Grand Junction Rockies!

Look for our booth and listen for our public service announcements during the game on Friday, August 15.  We’ll have important information that can keep you and your family safe, and we’ll be helping people sign up to receive Emergency Notifications.  Make sure to pick up prizes for the kiddos and have them meet some of our 911 dispatchers so they are prepared should they ever need to call for help during an emergency.

Some of the topics we’ll be covering include:

  • The Emergency Notification System- Getting you critical information even when you are not home
  • What you need to know should you ever have to call 911
  • 911’s capabilities when it comes to locating the person reporting the emergency
  • What you need to teach your kids about 911

We hope to see you there!  Go Rockies!

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Update to Fatal Motorcycle Crash At 1st ST. and Pitkin Ave. #GVCopBeat

Grand Junction Police investigators have finished their on scene investigation of the fatal crash at 1st Street at Pitkin Ave., and have reopened 1st Street to traffic.

At this time we are investigating the possibility that alcohol was a factor in this crash.

The Mesa County Coroner’s Office will complete its portion of the investigation and will determine the cause and manner of death.  The coroner’s office will also release the identity of the motorcycle rider once it has notified the man’s family.

Previously released information can be found here.

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Fatal Motorcycle Crash at 1st ST. and Pitkin Ave.- Southbound 1st ST. Closed- Detour At Main St. #GVCopBeat

Grand Junction Police are investigating a fatal motorcycle crash that happened at about 5:15 this evening.  As a result, southbound 1st Street is closed.  A detour has been set up at Main St.

At this point in the investigation we believe the man was riding with a group of approximately eight to ten other riders. He was making the curve at Pitkin Ave. and lost control, crashing into the concrete barrier.  The man was not wearing a helmet.  He died on scene.  No other riders in the group crashed.

Crash investigators are on scene and will be mapping the intersection as part of the investigation.  This section of 1st Street will remain closed for a couple of hours.  We will update you when the street reopens.  Please avoid the area for now.

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Be An Advocate For Those Who Need You! GJPD & MCSO Recruiting Victim Advocates #GVCopBeat #gjco #mesacounty


Next Victim Advocate Training Academy Starts September 2- Sign up now!

The Grand Junction Police Department and Mesa County Sheriff’s Office are recruiting additional volunteer Victim Advocates who have the heart and compassion to stand with those who are experiencing some of the worst times in their lives. New recruits will attend a 35-hour training program sponsored by both agencies, and then begin serving the community by providing support, comfort, and resources to victims of crime and other traumatic incidents.

Victim advocates who volunteer with the GJPD respond to law enforcement incidents within the city limits of Grand Junction. MCSO victim advocates respond to areas outside of the city limits of Grand Junction.


Mary Harmeling


Watch a short video featuring some of our Victim Advocates and Service Volunteers

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Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week for August 7, 2014 #MCCrimeStoppers #GVCopBeat

Crime Stoppers LogoThis week Crime Stoppers is requesting information that will lead to the identification of the suspects involved in a vandalism and theft.

In the early morning hours of Friday, August 1st, the male subjects entered a property located in the 400 block of Ridgeway Drive and removed several decorative solar lights. The first suspect is described as a Hispanic male, approximately 15-20 years old, 5’7’ to 6’ tall, weighing 150-200 lbs. The second suspect is described as a white male, approximately 15-20 years old, 5’5” to 6’ tall, weighing 135-180 lbs. They fled the scene in a darker colored sedan with a loud exhaust and brake light that extended across the back of the vehicle. The solar lights were recovered later at Grand Junction High School. The total estimated damage and property loss is over $560.

If you know the identity or whereabouts of the subjects involved in this crime, please contact Crime Stoppers at 241-7867. Information reported to Crime Stoppers that leads to an arrest can earn you up to $1,000 cash reward and you will remain completely anonymous. For more information, see us at

GJPD# 14-41771, 14-41789

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Scam Alert: GJPD Takes Reports On 2 Different Scams Hitting The Area Recently #GVCopBeat

Scam alertThis week the Grand Junction Police Department took reports from people about two different scams that appear to be hitting the area right now.

The first scam involves a caller, possibly identifying himself as “John Ross with UPS”,  who tells the potential victim they have a package from Publisher’s Clearing House.  The package is apparently a check for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The second scam involves a call with an automated voice message that states, “Your Mastercard has been lost, please press 4 to connect with security.”

Whenever you receive an unsolicited call, piece of mail, or email claiming you have won a large amount of money, or claiming your bank or credit account has been compromised, ALWAYS verify first.  Do not use the phone numbers or website provided by the person who contacted you.  Instead, make sure to use contact information that you know is legitimate, such as phone numbers or websites listed on your bank or credit card statements.  Also remember that someone who tells you that you have won a big prize from a game or lottery you have never played is probably trying to take advantage of you and your money.

For more information about various scams that often come through our area visit our website:

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Expect Traffic Delays on Ute Ave. at 4th St. This Afternoon #GVCopBeat #gjco #mesacounty

New developments in a crash investigation that began on July 27 have created a need for additional crash scene mapping of the intersection at Ute Ave. and S. 4th St.  As a result, Grand Junction Police officers will be closing one lane of Ute Ave. through the intersection of S. 4th St. this afternoon while they map the intersection.  Brief road closures may also be necessary during this time.  The delays are expected to happened between 2:00pm and 4:00pm today (August 5, 2014).

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Is Your Neighborhood On The List? National Night Out is Tonight- Find Out If Your Neighborhood Is Hosting An Event #GVCopBeat #gjco #NNO2014


GJPD Volunteer Linda is filling bags with important safety information for residents and fun goodies for the kids. Officers will distribute the bags to neighborhoods during National Night Out.

More than 20 neighborhoods across Grand Junction are hosting National Night Out events tonight (August 5, 2014).  Find out if your neighborhood is sponsoring an event using this link.  All of the events take place this evening, but the individual neighborhoods each have their own start times.

National Night Out is an annual event that helps fight crime in our neighborhoods by building camaraderie and familiarity between neighbors, while also sending a message to criminals that their neighborhoods are willing to fight back against crime.  All Grand Junction neighborhoods who registered their National Night Out events with the Grand Junction Police Department will have an officer stop by and visit them during the event to provide safety information and answer questions.  We also have bags of goodies to hand out to the kids!

If your neighborhood is having an event tonight, we’d love to share your photos on our social media sites. Email them to


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