JFK Secret Service Agent Continues to Serve in GJ

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 It’s said you can ask nearly anyone who as alive at the time where they were 47 years ago today when President Kennedy was assassinated and they could tell you.  Now a GJPD VAP is telling the story he hasn’t been able to tell since that fateful day. 
The GJPD is proud to have former JFK Secret Service agent Jerry Blaine working with us as a Victim Advocate

“The purpose is to try to shed some light on history.” -Jerry Blaine

Jerry Blaine doesn’t sit still very well.  After he and his wife moved back to Grand Junction in 2003 to supposedly retire for good, it didn’t take long for Jerry to spark a new project to work on, one that now has him on a nationwide book tour and in a couple of weeks on televisions everywhere for a Discovery Channel program.

“We fantasized when we started this that this is what it would be,” says Jerry.

1963 Berlin Trip

What “this” is is the overwhelming response to a book Jerry wrote detailing the events surrounding the Kennedy assassination.  For the past 47 years, Jerry, a former Secret Service agent who worked under Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Johnson, as well as the other agents working the Kennedy detail have remained silent on the issue; incredibly silent.

“We didn’t talk at all about this with each other…. After the assassination we didn’t have trauma counselors.  Everyone was left to work it out on in their own way and we didn’t know the impact it would have on everybody.”

Jerry's Secret Service badge

That changed in 2003.  Jerry began reading and researching the assassination on the internet where he found one conspiracy theory after another.

“And I couldn’t believe what I was reading.”

That disbelief turned into inspiration, and Jerry’s book was born.  A reunion eventually brought the 8 agents who were on the Kennedy detail at the time together again, with The Discovery Channel there to capture the moment.

Although Jerry has been a GJPD Victim Advocate, or VAP, for about a year now, I’ve found his interesting and historical past wasn’t all that well-known prior to the attention his book is garnering him.  What’s probably even lesser known by those outside the police department is what he continues to do today to serve those in our community.

As VAPs, Jerry and his wife, Joyce, provide crisis intervention when officers request their presence at a critical incident.   All of our VAPs are equipped to deal with trauma, domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse or death notification.  While on scene they offer comfort to victims, assistance to the officers, and referrals to community resources for those who need them.  

According to GJPD Victim Services Coordinator Mary Harmeling, “Jerry relishes his role as  “driver” and enjoys observing Joyce as she interacts with the victims.”

While I was speaking with him I too noticed that he prefers to give his wife center stage when it comes to talking about how they continue to serve today.  It’s pretty evident, though, together they make a great team, and they are a tremendous help to both the police department and those in our community. 

Mary adds, “He has noted to me several times how valuable he believes our Victim Services unit is to the department.  He and his peers in the Secret Service never got any debriefing or counseling after the shock and trauma they experienced with President Kennedy’s assassination.  So they suffered in silence.”

Thanks to all of our VAPs for helping to make sure the people in our community don’t have to suffer in silence.


Jerry shared some other photos with me of his time on the Kennedy Detail.


Secret Service agents used “Flashcards” of potential assassins.


Costa Rica trip with JFK

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