More Than 900 People Receive Power Outage Alerts

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We Hope More People Will Take Advantage of this Free Service

Community Alerts sent to 964 people Tuesday night provided those people with important information regarding a power outage that hit large sections of Grand Junction.  Those receiving the alerts were not only notified the power was out, but were also updated when the power was restored.

 “This is an important tool for our community,” said Communications Center Manager Monica Million.  “Regardless if you’re at home, at work, on vacation, or anywhere else, we are able to notify you of important events, but only if you sign up to receive this free service.”

 Community Alerts are broken into five categories: power outages, traffic alerts, road closures, school closures, and prescribed burns and wildfires.  They are also separate from Emergency Alerts made through our 911 Communications Center.  You must sign up to receive Community Alerts, and by doing so you can choose which categories you want included for your alerts and how you want to receive the alerts.  For example, Community Alerts can call your cell, work, or home phones, or send you a text or email message.

 There’s a bonus too.  The contact information you enter when you sign up for Community Alerts automatically gets included in our Emergency Alerts system.  There is a reason why that is very important; when there is an emergency in your neighborhood the only way we can notify you is through a traditional landline phone unless you have provided us with additional contact information.  That means even if you do not have a traditional landline phone in your home but you have provided a cell phone number for Community Alerts, for example, we would still be able to notify you if there is an emergency happening near your house by calling your cell phone. 

 Signing up is easy and only takes a couple of minutes.  Simply visit and look for the link on the left side that reads Sign up to receive Emergency Notifications.  You can also watch a short video by visiting

You can also check out this brochure for more information: CommunityAlertsBrochure030911

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