Update on “Stay Tuned”

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  This week KKCO aired their story that we had been helping them with.  It’s about geotagging, in which people are using smart phones to snap pictures and then post those picture online.  Many people aren’t aware that if you don’t disable the GPS function on your phone when you take a photo, that the latitude, longitude, date, and time for that picture becomes part of the photo’s data.  That means when you post that photo online someone can see exactly where and when you took it. 

We used the photos in our original “Stay Tuned” blog posting to show the folks at KKCO how this is done.  Our detective took the 3 photos of the police department with his smart phone.  Then, with a simple EXIF program he downloaded from the internet, we showed KKCO how easy it is to get the geotagging data.

Some of the more popular social networking sites, like Facebook, stip that additional data from the photos before they show up on the sites.  The problem is many blog sites do not.  Either way, we recommend you use caution when posting photos online, and always make sure you are aware of ALL of the information your pictures contain.

Thanks to KKCO’s Tim Ciesco and Leigh Ashman for helping to educate the public.

Here’s another news story that also helps paint a good picture of what geotagging is capable of revealing.

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