Parking Predicament Prevention: Tip #3

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Throughout our daily activities at the Police Department we come across people who say, “Really? I didn’t know that!”  Often those statements come from people who have just received a parking ticket.  To help keep you parking ticket free we will be posting Parking Predicament Prevention tips.

Tip #3

Did you know it is illegal to park on a sidewalk?

The reason is sidewalks are for pedestrians, and if there’s a car parked on the sidewalk it forces pedestrians to step into the road to go around.  That includes parking partly in your driveway but having the rest of your car on the sidewalk, or putting two wheels on the sidewalk and two wheels on the road.  Also, in some residential areas, especially in older or downtown areas, there’s a planting strip between the curb and the sidewalk.  This is also in illegal place to park a car.

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