A Bad Start to the Summer Season

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Summer is officially here, and the long, warm nights are welcoming lots of fun activities in Grand Junction.  Unfortunately for some area young people, those activities are coming at a heavy price.  Already this month the GJPD had responded to two serious accidents involving young people.  In both, alcohol is suspected of playing a role in the crashes.

On Sunday, June 12 a 19-year-old rolled his vehicle on I-70, ejecting him from the car.  He sustained serious injuries.  On Monday, June 13, two young adults, ages 20 and 19, were seriously injured after the driver crashed the vehicle they were in into a tree near the intersection of Greenbelt Ct. and South Rim Dr.  Investigation of both of these crashes led officers to believe the drivers were under the influence of alcohol when they crashed.

“Summer is just heating up, and unfortunately for some area young people, their decisions to include alcohol with driving have come very close to taking their lives,” said GJPD Traffic Sgt. Doug Norcross.  “With more events where alcohol is served still to come, including Country Jam this week, we hope everyone plays it safe and smart.  Drinking and driving can be deadly.”

 Drivers also need to remember that we are in the middle of “100 Days of Heat.”  Local law enforcement agencies, including the GJPD, have stepped up their efforts to catch drunken drivers, and DUI checkpoints are scheduled for the area throughout the summer. The public is also encouraged to call 911 if they see a person they suspect is driving drunk.

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