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It’s Time to Sign Up for National Night Out 2011

Throughout the year local reporters will be working on stories related to some sort of crime that has happened in a neighborhood, be it a series of burglaries, vandalism, assaults, or a gamut of other topics.  Thankfully, Grand Junction remains a relatively safe place to live and raise a family, but that doesn’t mean we are completely crimes free. That fact leads reporters to frequently ask, “What can people do to prevent these crimes?”

While a 100% guaranteed, sure-fire way to prevent you from becoming a victim of crime doesn’t exist, there are ways to dramatically lower your risk.  One of those prevention tools is coming up in August, and registration is already underway.

Neighborhoods across the City of Grand Junction are getting ready for this year’s National Night Out.  The 28th annual event is being held on the evening of August 2nd, and signing up to host an event in your neighborhood is easy; just head to and look for the National Night Out link, or call 244-3630.  You can even check to see if someone is already planning to host an event in your neighborhood and get great tips on how to make your event a huge success!

 National Night Out is a nationwide, annual event in which people are encouraged to turn on their outside lights, lock their doors, and head outdoors to spend time with their neighbors and to promote safety and crime prevention in their neighborhoods.  Police officers and fire fighters make the rounds that night, stopping by each event to answer questions from neighbors and give advice on how to keep the criminals out of your neighborhood.  But the cops and fire fighters are only an added bonus.  One of the best ways to keep the crooks out is simply to get to know your neighbors.  If you know who is and isn’t supposed to be in your neighborhood, and if you watch out for your neighbors and they watch out for you, then you are taking great steps to making your piece of the City safer.  A lot of crimes are prevented because a neighbor notices something on their street that doesn’t seem quite right and that person calls 911 to report it.

Not only does National Night Out help people prevent crime, it’s a lot of fun too.  Grand Junction neighborhoods tend to plan a lot of great activities for kids and adults alike.  In te past we seen events ranging from cookouts, to bump-n-jumps, to ice cream socials.  We’d love to see what you and your neighborhood are up to this year!

 What: 28th annual National Night Out

When: The evening of August 2nd

Where: In neighborhoods across Grand Junction

How:  Sign up at or call 244-3630

Here are some images from National Night Out 2010.  To see all of our photo albums visit us on .

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