Possible Scam

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Play close attention to any odd phone calls you may be getting.  We received information about a possible scam hitting the area, in which the someone calls potential victims claiming to be from the “City Offices.”  We have received one report so far in which the scammer told the potential victim that she has outstanding parking tickets that need to be paid.

Although we ask everyone to take care of unpaid parking tickets immediately, neither the Police Department, nor any other City office calls people telling them they need to pay.  If you receive such a call take note of the phone number the person is calling from and then hang up.  Do not give any personal information over the phone.

Luckily the one woman who has reported this to us did not give out any information, and therefore was not scammed out of her money.  A check of the court system also confirmed that she did not have any unpaid parking tickets.

If anyone has information about this scam they can call the Grand Junction Police Department at 242-6707, call Crime Stoppers at 241-STOP, send the information via the web at www.241stop.com, or text CRIMES to 241STOP and include your tip information.  The identity of the person providing the information through Crime Stoppers will remain anonymous.

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