Trying to ID Victims

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GJPD Trying to Identify Theft from Auto Victims

Case # 11-53604

  GRAND JUNCTION, Colo –  The Grand Junction Police Department is trying to identify all of the victims in a theft from autos investigation.  On Friday, November 4 from about 10pm to 4am, a 17-year-old boy is suspected of breaking into several cars and stealing items that were inside.  That teenage has since been arrested.  At this point in our investigation we have identified a couple of victims of this crime, however we believe there are possibly at least a dozen more people who have not come forward, or who are not aware they are victims.  The suspect did not damage any of the vehicles during his thefts, and instead only targeted unlocked cars.  Because there was no damage, we believe victims may not have realized yet that they are missing items that were in their cars.

 We believe the area where these thefts took place is approximately between 15th St. and 28th St., and between Belford Ave. and Grand Ave.  Vehicle owners in that area should check for items missing from their glove boxes and storage compartments, as well as any purses or bags they keep stored in their vehicles.  We have recovered several items we believe were stolen during this crime and would like to return them to their owners.  Victims can stop by the police department at 625 Ute Ave. to make a report, or call 242-6707.

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