Don’t Let Your Guard Down

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Don’t Be Tempted

Scammers Are Shopping For Potential Victims

 Between tough economic conditions and people trying to afford everything on their holiday shopping lists, scammers are looking for people who might let their guard down and fall victim to the promise of easy money.  We’ve seen a slight uptick in the number of people reporting potential scams they’ve received in their mailboxes or computer inboxes.  All of the scams make exciting promises that will never come true, and could end up costing the victim thousands of dollars in losses.

 The types scams we are seeing lately aren’t new, however the scammers are coming up with new names and official sounding writing that try to make them look and sound legitimate.  It’s common for scammers to mail realistic looking checks to you, complete with your name and address.  The scammers usually say the checks are sent to cover the costs of claiming prizes, and that all that you need to do is cash the checks and send the money back, and millions of dollars will be sent to you.  The problem, however, is the checks are from fake accounts, and when you cash them and send the money, you end up having to cover the cost once your bank is eventually notified that the accounts don’t exist.

 If you receive any of these scams in your mailbox or you email inbox, do not respond to them- simply throw them away.  You do not need to notify the police department, as we are already aware they exist.

 Check out the examples of scams area residents have received by mail and email below.

Mailed Scam example

Emailed Scam example

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