Local Agencies Investigating Recent Dog Attacks

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 The Grand Junction Police Department, in association with the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office, and Mesa County Animal Services, is investigating two recent dog attacks that have resulted in serious injuries to two people.

The first incident happened on the night of Sunday, December 4 near Whitman Park.  In that incident a man riding his bicycle through the park was attacked by two dogs, resulting in multiple bites.  The man was able to use his bicycle as a partial shield until someone eventually called the dogs off and the animals left the area.  The man was treated and released at the hospital.

The second incident happened on Monday, December 5 at about 8am in the area of 5th St. near Duck Pond Park.  In that incident a man walking on 5th St. was attacked by four dogs.  He received multiple severe bites before some people nearby scared off the animals.  It is unknown if those people were associated with the dogs.  The man then walked to a nearby business and called a taxi, which took him to the hospital.

Neither victim was able to provide a good description of the animals, however the victims believe they were pit bulls.

This information is being provided to the public for two reasons:

  1. To prevent future attacks.
  2. To help law enforcement identify and track down the animals, their owners, and potential witnesses.

“Because of the severity of these attacks, our department is aggressively investigating these cases in order to mitigate any potential danger, and to track down the responsible dogs and their owners,” said Grand Junction Police Chief John Camper.  “Animal Services advises us that these types of attacks are extremely rare.  While we don’t want to be alarmists, we do want people to be informed of the potential danger.”

Residents who see dogs exhibiting aggressive or pack-like behavior in the Downtown area or near the river should call 911 immediately so we can dispatch officers and Animal Services to that location for further investigation.  In the meantime, officers have increased patrols in the areas where these attacks have occurred and are jointly planning operations with the County to further identify and capture aggressive dogs.

If anyone has information about these incidents they can call the Grand Junction Police Department at 242-6707, call Crime Stoppers at 241-STOP, send the information via the web at www.241stop.com, or text CRIMES to 241STOP and include your tip information. 


The City of Grand Junction and Mesa County require all dogs to be on leashes when they are not confined to a home or kennel.  They also require all dogs to be properly licensed.

Mesa County Animal Control has provided the following tips for how to prevent dog attacks:

  • Be aware of your surroundings to help avoid getting into a dangerous situation.
  • Never run.
  • Assume a non-threatening position and do not make eye contact.
  • Stay upright and move toward a safe location when possible.
  • More information can be found at http://animalservices.mesacounty.us/template.aspx?id=2358.

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