Top Notch Dispatcher Training

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Have you ever thought about how much training it takes to be able to simultaneously monitor 7 different computer monitors and multiple phone lines and communication radios, all while taking emergency information from residents and dispatching out emergency responders?  It isn’t easy, but it’s critical to the safety of our community.

911 dispatchers inside the Grand Junction Regional Communication Center do this every day, and it takes a lot of training not only to get them to the point where they can do the job, but to keep their training up to date throughout their careers.  It’s something we take very seriously, and our efforts to provide top notch dispatcher training is paying off.

Our 911 dispatch center is one of only 18 centers in the entire country who are certified by the Association of Public Safety Communication Officers in their “Project 33 Training Program Certification.”  There are only two others in Colorado that are certified.  A news release from APCO has the details, but essentially it means our dispatchers, both the brand new folks and those who’ve worked here for a while, are learning the most current techniques and meeting strict standards for handling 911 calls.  We’re proud of the work they do, and proud of the service we are able to offer our community.

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