Drug Task Force Arrests Eight People #GVcopbeat

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The Western Colorado Drug Task Force arrested eight people yesterday in connection with a drug investigation that has been taking place during the last four months.

The investigation centered on methamphetamine distribution in Mesa County, and resulted in search warrants issued for four residences. Three of those residences are in Grand Junction; the fourth is outside the city limits.

Those arrested face charges ranging from possession and distribution of drugs, to money laundering and weapons violations. All of the arrest and search warrants related to this case have been sealed by the courts as the investigation continues.

The names of those arrested are:
• Francisca Arias (Date of Birth 7-18-1991)
• Carlos Delfin (Date of Birth 9-25-1989)
• Dante Delfin (Date of Birth 8-28-1986)
• Saul Alexander Delfin-Lopez (Date of Birth 3-14-1988)
• Christopher David Merle Franklin (Date of Birth 10-5-1982)
• Kenneth Allen Higgs (Date of Birth 6-14-1954)
• David Lee Ortego (Date of Birth 9-7-1957)
• Kevin Smith (Date of Birth 1-18-1981)

Booking photos of those arrested are not available at this time.

Bond updates can be accessed via the Sheriff’s Office website: www.sheriff.mesacounty.us, click on ‘Inmate Inquiry System’.

The Western Colorado Drug Task Force is a partnership established in the early 1980’s between the U.S. Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration, the Grand Junction Police Department and the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office. The Task Force is designed to fight the battles of drugs on the frontlines and other crimes that are associated with dealing and using drugs. Grand Junction Police Chief John Camper and Mesa County Sheriff Stan Hilkey agree this Task Force is effective and nationally competitive in the law enforcement field when it comes to knowledge, experience and team work. The Drug Task Force provides a refined level of service to the law abiding citizens of Mesa County and across the Western Slope.

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