Arrest Made in Porta-Potty Camera Investigation #GVCopbeat #gjco

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JOSHUAVOHSPHOTO111513The Grand Junction Police Department has arrested a man suspected of taking pictures and videos of people using a portable toilet at the Junior Service League Park.  Detectives were able to obtain an arrest warrant for 37-year-old Joshua Vohs of Grand Junction after he confessed to placing a camera inside the portable toilet in order to take pictures of women using it.  Officers arrested Vohs this morning.

The investigation began when a 13-year-old girl spotted the camera inside the toilet on October 11 and notified her father.  The girl also provided a description of a vehicle she had seen in the parking lot that day.  Based on information from those witnesses, detectives were eventually able to identify Vohs as a suspect, served a search warrant on Vohs’ residence, and collected a computer and storage devices.  Investigators found 175 images and 25 videos of females going to the bathroom in what appeared to be the toilet at the park.

Grand Junction Police officers had previously arrested Vohs in 2011, when he used a camera mounted to his shoe to take pictures up the skirts of women in a local store.  Vohs pleaded guilty in that case and was sentenced to two years in jail.

We are still trying to identify potential victims in this case.  Anyone who used this toilet from August 5, 2013 to October 11, 2013 is asked to contact us at 970-549-5231.

Click here for the previously released information.

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