Multiple Car Break-ins Near CMU #GVCopbeat #gjco

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TFA Map 111913The Grand Junction Police Department is investigating a series of car break-ins that have resulted in the loss of thousands of dollars worth of people’s property.

From October 20 to November 19 we took 67 reports of criminal mischief and theft from autos.  In more than half of the cases the thief smashed vehicle windows to get inside, however many of the vehicles were simply unlocked when the thefts happened.   As shown in the map to the left, the vast majority of the incidents we know about happened in neighborhoods near Colorado Mesa University.

In all of the cases the thief was able to spot valuable items left in plain sight, such as cash, purses and wallets, backpacks, phones, golf clubs, tools, laptops, house keys, and more.  The thief or thieves do not appear to be targeting any particular types of vehicles, rather they are looking for easy targets where they can quickly grab items by reaching in through the vehicle windows or doors.  The thefts tend to happen in the overnight hours, and half of the victims identified at this point are CMU students.

We believe there are more victims who have not contacted us, either because they didn’t want to make a report, or because they haven’t realized their items are missing from their vehicles.  Additional information from these victims could help generate more leads in these cases, and we are asking those people to call 970-242-6707 to report those break-ins.  

Also, if you have information about who is committing these crimes call 970-242-6707,  or to remain anonymous call Crime Stoppers at 970-241-7867.

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