2013 Shop With a Cop Round 1 #GVCopBeat

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IMG_3507“To serve and protect” can mean a lot of things.  Often times, when we fulfill that mission, we are the ones who benefit.  In fact, it happens every year at this time during our annual Shop With a Cop events.

On Thursday, we had the honor of taking 11 wonderful kids, who were chosen by their schools, shopping at the Rimrock Walmart for our first 2013 Shop With a Cop.  We picked them up, treated them to breakfast at McDonald’s, and then hit the aisles, picking out the perfect presents for their loved ones, and even a few things for themselves.  The kids each had a list of who they wanted to shop for, and with the help of the Walmart employees who volunteered their time, we filled nearly a dozen carts full of gifts.IMG_3514

Because we do this each year, we have collected a number of stories from the kids.  It never fails; at least one of them always says something that goes straight to your heart and shows that these kids know exactly what this time of year is all about.  This is this year’s story:

Each kid received a $150 shopping card to cover their purchases.  With an officer assigned to each shopper, they kept track of every item that made its way into a cart to make sure the shopper didn’t go over his or her budget.  One young man completed his shopping list and asked how much he had left.  Sure enough, there was a small amount still available.  The child, surrounded by aisles of possible purchases that any kid would love to have for their own, smiled and said to the officer and Walmart employee with him, “Great.  Maybe I can get something for you two.”

Most, if not all, of these kids felt lucky to be able to go shopping with us that day. We hope they understand that we are the lucky ones.IMG_3629

Merry Christmas.

To see the full photo album of this event, visit us on Facebook.

News coverage of this Shop With a Cop:



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    […] we said in our previous post about Shop With A Cop, there are always stories from the kids that we will remember.  Whether it be the little girl who […]

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