2013 Shop With A Cop Round 2 #GVCopBeat

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IMG_3705This week we wrapped up (literally!) our annual Shop With A Cop events, with eleven more wonderful kids.  This time we were at the Mesa Mall, which along with many of the mall stores, made generous donations to each child.  When you combine all of the gift cards, free items, and discounts, each shopper made off with a couple hundred dollars worth of presents.  On top of that, each child was treated to breakfast at the McDonald’s at the mall and lunch at Chuck E Cheese’s.

The generosity did end there.  Not only did the kids have a blast as they cruised the stores buying items for their families, we passed countless other shoppers who happened to be in the mall that day, and many of them were also smiling, as if the joy in the kids’ hearts was contagious to those around them.  Some of those other shoppers even opened up their wallets, spontaneously donating ten bucks here, another fifty there.

Each child received an envelope stuffed with gift cards and coupons from Mesa Mall and the stores within the mall.

As we said in our previous post about Shop With A Cop, there are always stories from the kids that we will remember.  Whether it be the little girl who had never been to the mall before and really wasn’t sure what it was all about, to the little boy who had never been to McDonald’s before, to the girl who was so excited that she finally had a chance to do something nice for her siblings, each of these kids are so deserving, and we are so fortunate to have been able to spend time with them.

As Christmas nears, we hope that all of you get a chance to experience something similar to what these kids give us every year during Shop With A Cop.  And all of that is only possible because of the huge hearts and generosity of businesses and organizations in our community.  Thank you to IMG_3782everyone who made the 2013 Shop With A Cop events so successful.


A photo album from this event is posted on our Facebook page.

A link to the KREX news story on this event can be found here.

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