Update to Incident Involving Schools in Orchard Mesa #GVCop

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Dos Rios Elementary School and New Emerson School are resuming normal activity following this afternoon’s incident in Orchard Mesa. They will be released as normal today.

Because Orchard Mesa Middle School has an earlier release time, some students who walk home from school went through a reunification with their parents at the school.  Any students who were still at the school at 3:20pm were released to walk home as normal.

This incident began at 2:00pm today, when we received a report of a man who fired several shots into the air with a handgun near 27 Rd and B 3/4 Rd.  Officers immediately responded to the neighborhood to look for the man and to the schools to ensure student safety.  Based on witness information officers also went to an apartment at 1950 Barcelona Way where the suspect was believed to have walked to.  While officers were preparing to enter the apartment they received new information that the suspect was walking near Sherman Dr. and Dorothy Ave.

Officers did find the suspect walking near Sherman Dr. and Dorothy Ave. and took him into custody without incident.  He is identified as 22-year-old Gabriel Devon Milligan of Grand Junction.   They also searched the apartment he was believed to have gone to, and found the handgun believed to have been used by Milligan.  Milligan is facing prohibited use of a weapon and reckless endangerment charges. Additional charges are pending.  He also had an outstanding warrant.  We are still investigating and additional charges are possible.

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