Honoring The Men & Women Who Help Save Lives By Being The Voice On The Line #GVCopBeat

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IMG_3234.01National Telecommunicator Week- April 13-19, 2014

This week we are taking a few moments to thank all of the men and women who answer calls for help every single day.  National Telecommunicator Week honors 911 dispatchers across the country, and here in Mesa County, we are fortunate to have several dozen dedicated professionals who help save lives by being the voice on the line.

The Grand Junction Regional Communication Center (GJRCC), which is housed in and operated by the Grand Junction Police Department, services a total of 23 agencies, and provides all of the law enforcement and fire dispatching for Mesa County, except for the Colorado State Patrol (they have their own dispatch center).  That means whether you need a deputy, marshal, police officer, or ranger, or you need fire or medical services from one of the dozen fire department agencies in our county, your 911 call will come through our center, and help will be dispatched by our 911 dispatchers.

With so many different agencies involved, the GJRCC stays very busy.  More than 135,000 calls for service (both law enforcement and fire and medical incidents) came through the center in 2013.  That includes both emergency and non-emergency calls into the center.

Not only are the dispatchers answering calls, they are handling literally millions of radio transmissions as they communicate with the first responders in the field.  In 2013 that number was 2,417,768!

We are so proud of our 911 dispatchers, and grateful for their service to our community.

Look for more posts this week about this great group of people.  You can also find more information on our webpage.

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