Video and Photos from Today’s Bomb Squad Demonstration for Local Media #GVCopBeat #grandjunction #mesacounty

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"Flaming Tire" demonstration
“Flaming Tire” demonstration

Thank you to the media who came out to learn more about the Grand Junction Police Department Bomb Squad today.  Our goal was to give them a lot of background information about the squad and help them understand what they do and why so that the next time they are reporting on an incident involving the Bomb Squad they can pull from that base knowledge and put together educated and informed news stories to present to the public.

We posted video from today’s demonstration on our Youtube channel

Here are some interesting facts about the GJPD Bomb Squad:

  • It was established in 1980
  • In 1999 the Grand Junction Fire Department joined with the Police Department to create a unique, joint unit
  • There are 4 law enforcement officers and 3 firefighters on the squad
  • The squad is accredited through the FBI
  • It’s the only bomb squad between Denver and Salt Lake City
  • Because of agreements and support from the federal government, the squad covers 14 counties in western Colorado and eastern Utah
  • On average the squad responds to 35-60 calls per year
  • The types of calls include found explosives, IED devices, dignitary protection, security sweeps/special events, military ordinance, bombing scenes
  • Some of the more high profile cases the bomb squad has been involved with include James Genrich (2 people killed by bombs in 1991 in Grand Junction), Robert Burke (placed incendiary devices at 5 Grand Junction homes in 2006), Jim Blanning (placed several devices around downtown Aspen on New Year’s Eve 2008)




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