Are You an Easy Target? “Lock Your Block” Summer Campaign Aims to Prevent Auto Thefts in Colorado #GVCopBeat #gjco #mesacounty

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Western Colorado Auto Theft Task Force LogoDid you know the vast majority of auto thefts in our area involve vehicles that were unlocked or unsecured?  A large number of those vehicles had the keys “hidden” in them somewhere too.

The Western Colorado Auto Theft Task Force, which includes law enforcement agencies in Mesa and Garfield counties, is taking part in the “Lock Your Block” summer educational campaign aimed at preventing auto theft.  This statewide campaign reminds people to not only lock their own vehicles, but also watch out for your neighbors, family, and friends.  Here’s the news release:


Coloradans Against Auto Theft New Summer Campaign Heats Up During National Auto Theft Prevention Month
Empowering Citizens: Lock Your Block

Denver, CO – The Coloradans Against Auto Theft (CAAT) coalition recognizes National Auto Theft Prevention Month with a new Lockdown public awareness campaign empowering citizens to take an active role in protecting themselves and their communities from auto theft. The summer “Lock Your Block” campaign aims to reduce auto theft by engaging communities to be proactive in prevention efforts.

“The best form of auto theft prevention happens within communities,” said Colonel Scott Hernandez, Chief of the Colorado State Patrol (CSP). “The point of this campaign is to encourage neighbors to protect neighbors, families to protect families…if you notice suspicious behavior in your community, report it immediately.”

Lockdown Summer Campaign: “Lock Your Block”

The Lockdown campaign, supported by grant funding through the Colorado Auto Theft Prevention Authority (CATPA), is conducted statewide in conjunction with law enforcement agencies, insurance companies and community partners. “It takes a strong combination of law enforcement and task forces working together with the public to combat and prevent auto theft,” said Robert Force, CATPA Director. “We increasingly see auto theft as a gateway to other serious crimes, which makes our jobs even more important. It’s not just about auto theft, it’s about doing what we can to make communities safer overall.”

“Auto theft traditionally spikes during the summer months when drivers tend to leave their guard–and their windows–down,” says Carole Walker, Executive Director of the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association and CAAT co-chair. “This summer’s campaign creates a sense of proactivity among neighborhoods. We want to encourage Coloradans to call in suspicious activity to help Lock Your Block against auto theft. In addition to mass media and grassroots tactics, we will be supplying task forces and police departments with campaign materials to help spread the word statewide.”

Lock Your Block Summer Campaign Highlights

Public awareness efforts and educational materials will carry statewide messages throughout the summer that encourage citizens to be auto theft aware: lock your car, look for suspicious behavior and report it to local authorities.
• Radio Spots (Colorado Broadcasters Association)
• Online & Digital Ads
• Educational Materials: Lockdown tips cards, sunglasses, USB car chargers,
neighborhood signs, window clings
• Barbed Wire Car Exhibit
The campaign encourages citizens to checkout the interactive hotspot map on to become more informed about where auto theft occurs and that it happens in their neighborhoods—an incentive to be auto theft aware and “Lock Your Block.”

auto theft map

What can the public do?

• Stay aware! If you suspect an auto theft, report it to local authorities by calling 9-1-1 or a non-emergency line.
• Lock Your Block: Support community crime reduction efforts, such as Neighborhood Watch.
• Get real-time statistics on your area auto thefts at Enter your zip code to see if your car is at risk.
• Attend August National Night Out activities to learn how to keep your community safe.
• Always lock your car. Park in well-lit areas. Don’t keep a spare set of keys in the car.

CAAT Coalition Partners

Colorado auto theft task forces, made up of regional law enforcement agencies, Colorado
State Patrol and other motor vehicle safety and insurance partners, are a part of the CAAT
coalition to decrease auto theft during this peak auto theft season.
• Beat Auto Theft Through Law Enforcement (BATTLE)
• Metropolitan Auto Theft Task Force (MATT)
• Southern Colorado Reducing Auto Theft Team (SCRATT)
• Western Colorado Auto Theft Task Force (WCATT)
• East Metro Auto Theft Team (EMATT)
• Commerce City/Thornton/Adams County Auto Theft Prevention Program
• Attorney General’s Auto Theft Prosecution Initiative
• Colorado Auto Theft Investigators (CATI)
• Coloradans Against Auto Theft (CAAT)
• Auto Theft Intelligence Coordination Center (ATICC)
• San Luis Valley

About Coloradans Against Auto Theft (CAAT):

Coloradans Against Auto Theft (CAAT) is a statewide auto theft prevention initiative to raise
awareness about the problem and educate the public on what they can do to reduce their
chances of falling victim to auto theft. CAAT is a coalition of law enforcement agencies, the
Colorado State Patrol, insurance partners, LoJack and AAA Colorado. CAAT and the state auto
theft task force efforts are funded in part by the Colorado Auto Theft Prevention Authority

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