Back to School Reminders for Grand Valley Parents, Kids, and Drivers #GVCopBeat #mesacounty #gjco

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IMG_0206.01It is back to school time as summer is over for local kids. That means drivers need to be aware, cautious and diligent.

Monday, August 4, is the first day of school for School District 51 kids, as well as local private schools. As a result, there will be increased walkers and bike riders to and from schools, with most of those being school age kids.

Drivers are reminded that school buses will be out and making frequent stops. Kids do horseplay and may not always be on a sidewalk, so be cautious about speed and keep a safe distance from children. Parents and drivers should also report any suspicious activities as a community effort to keep children safe.

Parents and guardians should caution kids about the dangers of not using sidewalks (when they are available), remind them to not get into vehicles or speak with strangers, to be aware of their surroundings, travel in groups, pre-designate a path to and from home/school, identify safe locations along the route between home/school and other safety tips.

It is most often a fun time for kids to return to school, or start school in the case of kindergartners. We welcome them all to school and look forward to great 2014-15 school year!

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