Officer Arrested And Placed On Administrative Leave Without Pay After Investigation of Damaged Property #GVCopBeat

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The Grand Junction Police Department is announcing the arrest of officer Gage Wright, an 8-year veteran of the police department.  Wright is suspected of intentionally damaging property belonging to a former girlfriend, who is a 911 dispatcher for the police department, and her husband, who is a Mesa County Sheriff’s Office deputy.  Additional details of the arrest appear in the warrantless arrest affidavit prepared by the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office, which is handling the criminal investigation in cooperation with our agency.  Deputies arrested Wright at the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office without incident today and booked him into jail on several charges of criminal mischief, to include a class 6 felony, and a domestic violence enhancer.
Wright has been placed on administrative leave without pay pending the final resolution of the concurrent internal affairs investigation being conducted by our agency.
“As with any defendant, he is presumed to be innocent until proven guilty, however these are serious allegations, and we will address them in a firm and decisive manner,” said Police Chief John Camper.
Any requests for the warrantless arrest affidavit or booking photo need to be made to the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office, as this is their investigation and arrest.

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