@GrandJunctionPD Joining @SheriffMesaColo in Global Police Tweet-a-thon Today #POLTwt #GVCopBeat

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The fourth Global Police Tweet-a-thon has kicked off with the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office and the Grand Junction Police Department jumping into the on-line dialogue.
According to a LaWsComm news release and the creator of the Global Police Tweet-a-thon, Lauri Stevens, “The main purpose of this tweet-a-thon is to connect officers from around the world and help build relationships between police and the citizens they serve because public safety is a shared responsibility for all members of a community.”
Law enforcement agencies and individual officers/deputies are encouraged to tweet all calls, tweet about specific topics to educate citizens or simply tweet the beat. The only rule is that all tweets must include #PolTwt, the official hashtag for the Global Police Tweet-a-thon.
This isn’t the first time both local agencies have participate in this global event and we look forward to continuing it in the future. It always provides ideas to better engage our citizens, to connect with our law enforcement partners around the world and to bring global attention to the many positive interactions we have with citizens in #MesaCounty.
If you are on Twitter or simply want to see the dialogue, follow along by searching #POLTwt and following us @SheriffMesaColo and @GrandJunctionPD.

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