Stabbing at Fantasy Update: Suspect Arrested #GVCopBeat

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Clinton Clarke
Clinton Clarke

The Grand Junction Police Department arrested the man who was initially detained for questioning during the investigation of the stabbing that occurred at Fantasy Gentlemen’s Club early this morning.  43-year-old Clinton Grant Clarke of Parker is in the Mesa County Jail, charged with first degree assault with intent to cause serious bodily injury with a deadly weapon and unlawfully carrying a concealed weapon.  The second man who voluntarily came to the police department has not been charged.

Officers first contacted Clarke in a pickup truck that had a similar description and license plate number of a vehicle seen leaving the club’s parking lot shortly after the stabbing.  The officer spoke with the two men inside, but did not have enough evidence at that time to pursue the men further.  The officer then went back to the club and was then able to view surveillance video that led him to believe the truck he had just stopped and the truck in the video were the same.  He was able to go and find the truck again, and this time the two men walking away from the truck.  The officer contacted the men and Clarke told the officer he had a knife under his jacket.  The knife appeared to have smeared residue consistent with blood on the blade.

At this point in the investigation we believe the victim mistakenly got into the backseat of the pickup and was there when Clarke and the other man came out of the club. A witness saw Clarke holding a large, fixed blade knife at the time.  The witness said the victim eventually got out of the truck and was holding his stomach area.  A short time later the witness saw the victim inside the club with serious injuries to his abdomen.  Clarke told officers he did find the victim sitting in the backseat of the truck but denied stabbing him.

The victim is being treated at St. Mary’s Hospital.

Previously released information about this case.

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