Heroes Behind the Badges–We Need Your Help to Win

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Police VS. Fire…who will win?

The Grand Junction Police Department has partnered with St. Mary’s Blood Center, other law enforcement and fire agencies across the county to host a MAJOR blood drive to happen this March 16-28,2015. Multiple police and fire agencies are participating in this blood drive–the St. Mary’s Blood Mobile will be in multiple locations across the county during these dates. Check out the flyer below for upcoming dates and times.

We love a friendly competition and encourage people to donate to both police and fire, but to sweeten the deal, literally, when you donate make sure to check POLICE for your donation–Gelato Junction has donated $1.00 off coupons for the first 300 people who donate blood and designate their donation under police.

Here are a few things to remember before you donate:

1. All blood types are encouraged to donate-St. Mary’s is in need of all blood types, but as O- is a rare, universal blood type, all those with this type are especially encouraged to donate.
2. Tell your family, your friends, your neighbors, etc. Help us spread the word!
3. Bring your ID, drink lots of water and try to eat something before you donate blood.
4. Remember to check POLICE when you give your donation for a free coupon to Gelato Junction.

The winner, either all police agencies or all fire agencies combined, will get money to donate to a charity of choice as well as a trophy.

Heroes Behind the Badges, March 16-28.
Heroes Behind the Badges, March 16-28.

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