Man Suspected of Threatening His Neighbor With a Knife Arrested #GVCopBeat

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Paul Alex Lavadie
Paul Alex Lavadie

The Grand Junction Police Department arrested 46-year-old Paul Alex Lavadie overnight after his neighbor said Lavadie threatened him with a knife.  The neighbor told officers he went outside to take out his trash and found Lavadie walking in his backyard.  The neighbor said Lavadie became very belligerent and was yelling and screaming at him as he walked away.  As the neighbor was calling 911 to report this incident, Lavadie came back to the neighbor, continuing to yell at him.  The neighbor said Lavadie had a knife in his hand as he was running towards him saying he was going to kill him.  The neighbor then took off running.

Officers contacted Lavadie at his home in the 1200 block of Ute Ave.  He initially refused to come out.  He did exit the house at one point and was very confrontational with the officers, refusing to follow the verbal commands from the officers and refusing to walk toward the officers when requested.  He then walked back into his house after being told he was under arrest.  Officers repeated their verbal commands for him to come out of the house but he refused, so they deployed gas inside the home.  Lavadie then came out without incident and was arrested and booked into the Mesa County Jail.  He is charged with felony menacing, harassment, refusal to leave the premises, and obstructing a police officer.

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