Rental Scam in GJ–Know Before You Sign #GVCopBeat

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False Home
picture from of home advertised in the scam

A recent rental scam has been reported in Grand Junction for a house located at 2908 1/2 Walnut Ave Grand Junction, CO 81504.

A man advised that the home was being listed for rent at cheaper prices than comparable houses. He said he called the phone number (248) 491-3826 and that the party wanted him to sign a contract on Google. The man contacted Google and they advised that it was a scam. The email they contacted him from was “allowed to be the best.”

The man found the listing on a housing website– listing is still active under this website, and the number has since been changed: (614) 835-6702. The man claiming to be the landlord of the property is named Williams Lindah Alexander. The contract he wanted the man to sign over Google can be found here: False Tenancy Agreement

Some things to keep in mind before signing ANYTHING online or when searching for a property to rent/buy:

– If it sounds too good to be true, IT IS.
– Be aware of geographical distance. If you are dealing with someone in another city or country, be aware that it might be a scam.
– Know who you’re dealing with online, including by email and websites. It is best to buy/rent from a local property management service or individual.
– Avoid buying or renting without seeing the property first. There have been instances where people have signed contracts for properties and find that people already live there.
– Avoid unusual forms of payment or being rushed. NEVER sign a contract or lease over the internet.

One thought on “Rental Scam in GJ–Know Before You Sign #GVCopBeat

    Kimberly Titmus said:
    March 30, 2015 at 6:34 pm

    I had a recent experience like this 3 weeks ago and the ad is still active on western slope Craig’s list. Can I forward emails to an officer so we can warn more people about another definite scam? I reported it to Craig’s list, but it is still there.

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