GJ Police Officers & Fire Fighters Rescue Man Who Fell Into Canal #GVCopBeat

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Officers recover the man’s wheelchair after pulling him from the canal water.
The path the man tried to roll his wheelchair down.


Just before 10:00 a.m. a driver on I-70 called 911 to report a person in the canal near the Horizon Dr. exit.  Grand Junction Police Officers quickly arrived on scene and found a man in the water. One of the officers grabbed a throw rope from the patrol car and was able to get it to the man who was able to hang on to it, but not able to tie it around himself.  Because of the steepness of the bank and the thick mud that seemed to create suction on the man when he moved his legs, the officers were not able to pull him up the side of the bank.

When Grand Junction Fire Fighters arrived on scene, they too grabbed onto the rope, and with the extra manpower, the officers and fire fighters were able to pull the man up the bank and onto the canal road. It’s estimated he was in the water for at least a half hour.

Officers later learned the man was in a wheelchair and was wheeling himself down a narrow, grassy path next to the water’s edge when he fell in. The water had carried him a short distance down the canal before the officers were able to find him. He was taken to the hospital with unknown injuries.

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