Scam Alert: GJPD Takes Reports of Scams Hitting The Area Recently #GVCopBeat

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Scam alert

This week the Grand Junction Police Department took reports from citizens about a phone scam that appears to be hitting the area again.

The scam involves a caller, identifying himself/herself  as a representative from “UPS” calling from a blocked number.  The caller attempts to verify the name and address of the recipient in order to deliver a package.  When the recipient challenges the caller, the person immediately hangs up.  UPS confirmed that they do not use the phone to contact package recipients.

Whenever you receive an unsolicited call, piece of mail, or email, ALWAYS verify first.  Do not use the phone numbers or websites provided by the person who contacted you.  Instead, make sure to use contact information that you know is legitimate, such as phone numbers or websites listed on bank, credit card statements, or verified webpages.

For more information about various scams that often come through our area visit our website:

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