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The Grand Junction Police Department in conjunction with the City of Grand Junction Geographical Information System, GIS, recently revamped the Public Safety Map to reflect recent crime within City limits. The map is a resource for residents in the City of Grand Junction and those looking to move within City limits or open a business in Grand Junction. The map is an interactive resource that allows its user to research by a specific address or a broad area.

Citizens can check crimes for the area they wish to see for a wide range of dates,ranging from one month, six months and one year ago. In addition to checking recent crime, people can look for neighborhood watch areas and overlay the crimes for a certain area on the same map. This resource allows it’s user to see how crime rates differ from areas with neighborhood watch and without neighborhood watch.

The Public Safety Map focuses on crime awareness as well as prevention and reporting. For the most recent reported crime, there is an option to be redirected to the Crime Stoppers Web Tip page if the user has information about the crime.

Currently, only Grand Junction Police Department cases are posted to the Public Safety Map. While certain crimes, such as sex crimes, are redacted from the map to protect the victim’s privacy, the following crimes are featured on the map:

– Assault/HarassmentCapture

auto theft-Auto Theft

– Burglary
Public Safety Map
drug– Drug Violations
– Homicide
Robbery– Robbery
theft from auto
– Theft From Auto
vandalismgraffiti– Vandalism/Graffiti
In addition to crime, the map features hospitals; parking meters, parking lots, liquor licenses, law facilities, police service areas, fire hydrants and water lines, fire stations, fire station areas, fire department service areas, fire districts, fire inspection boundaries, and City limits. If you have any questions about this service or would like to sign up for neighborhood watch, contact Officer Dustin Bovee at 970-549-5339

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