Credit Card Skimmer in Grand Junction #GVCopBeat #MesaCounty

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The Grand Junction Police Department is investigating the placement of two credit card skimmer devices at local banks.  These devices read the credit and or debit card magnetic strip, allowing the skimmer to use the informationIMG_0017 gathered to create a duplicate card for future use.   The locations these skimmers were found were both Banks of Colorado at 200 Grand Avenue and 2903 Patterson Road.

The two devices found so far are identical and are similar to devices found across Colorado and Nebraska.  If you used the ATM at either bank between 5:40 am and 8:00 am, please be aware your card may be compromised and you will need to check your statements closely for unauthorized use.  One of the devices used is pictured here.

If you are responsible for the maintenance of any ATM, please check your ATMs by physically pulling on the face plate where the card is inserted.   If a device is found, do not remove it, secure the ATM and contact your local law enforcement agency by calling 970-242-6707

While this is an isolated incident, it is always a good idea to monitor your account activity if you use ATMs.  Skimmer devices have been around for a number of years but are becoming more commonplace as technology evolves.

For further information, contact Officer Cory Tomps at 970-985-9785

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