Friends Don’t Make Friends Wait in Hot Cars. #GVCopBeat #MesaCounty

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It happens most often when people make quick stops–the bank, the gas station, or even the grocery store. Each year, thousands of pets are killed by heatstroke and suffocation  from being locked in a hot car. That quick trip can lead to death for your pet in a matter of minutes–and it doesn’t have to be that hot out.

It is important to remember that the temperature in a locked car can rapidly increase even if the car is left in the shade with the windows open. Little ventilation in these hot summer temperatures is not enough to keep your pet cool. The chart below gives examples of how hot a vehicle can get in a matter of minutes.

CaptureFriends Don't Make Friend's Wait In Hot

If you see a dog locked in a hot car, please take action and immediately call Animal Control at 970-242-4646 or police at 911.

If law enforcement arrive on scene and find the animal to be in distress, please be aware that windows may be broken in order to retrieve the animal out of the car AND criminal charges may be pressed against the owner of the animal/vehicle from Animal Control. 

Animals count on their owners to keep them safe. Just remember, friends don’t make friends wait in hot cars.



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