Woman Arrested After Barricading Herself in Office of Convenience Store #GVCopBeat

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ADAMSOn Monday night, just after 11:00pm, officers with the Grand Junction Police Department were dispatched to the Western Convenience Store, at 2525 Broadway, on a report of an unknown subject locking themselves in the office of the business.

The store clerk working at the time stated that he stepped outside to smoke, and when he came back into the store, he could hear someone “banging around” in the office of the store.  He noted that the door to the office, which had previously been open, was now closed and locked.  He attempted to speak to the person in the office, telling them to unlock the door and come out.  After getting no response, he called 911.

Officers arrived on scene and identified themselves as Grand Junction police officers, and instructed the subject to unlock the door.  A female voice responded that she was unable to unlock the door “because she had a broken leg.”  The subject verbally identified herself as Amber Miller, with an ID out of West Virginia, but continued to refuse to open the door.  Officers gave continuous instruction for the female to open the door, including warnings that they would eventually force the door open, for over 30 minutes.  After receiving permission from management of the business, officers used a ram to force the locked door open.  This proved to be difficult, as the female had placed numerous items from the office against the door to prevent entry.  The door was eventually breached, and the female was ordered out and placed into custody.

The female did not have a broken leg, nor was her name Amber Miller.  She was identified as Lindsey Adams, 26.  Adams claimed that she did not know how she ended up in the office.

Adams was charged with Criminal Impersonation (F6), 2nd Degree Criminal Trespass (M3), and Criminal Mischief (M3).

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