Safe Bars Program Wants to Make Nightlife in Grand Junction Safer #GVCopBeat #ShareGJ

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Safe Community LogoOur Community Resource Unit is always looking for opportunities to partner with the public to make our neighborhoods and businesses safer.  As part of our Safe Community Programs initiative, the Grand Junction Police Department will be offering a Safe Bars presentation on, Monday, March 28, from 12:00 to 5:00, at the Grand Junction Police Department.

The Safe Bars program is a simple, effective way to reduce police calls for service at local bars and nightclubs, benefitting not only patrons and staff, but also nearby residents.  The program is geared toward owners of liquor venues, as well as managers and any other staff that have a vested interest in the quality of their establishment.

During this half day training, we’ll concentrate on topics like crime prevention and security, liquor license laws and City ordinances, and drug recognition.

Attendees will learn about the benefits of participation in the program, including receiving a free weekly report of calls for service on your property.  Your compliance with the program also allows us to list your business on our City website, for visitors seeking safe locations to enjoy themselves during their stay in Grand Junction, as well as the option for you to use the program’s logo on your own marketing materials.  You will also have a direct point of contact with an officer that knows you and your property, so we can better serve you.  Don’t miss out!

We want to share a common goal with business owners and staff, to create a safer, more enjoyable experience for residents and visitors to our area that want to have a good time at one of our local pubs.  We hope you’ll join us, and share this information with anyone you know that might be interested.

To register for this free program, please call or email Officer David Keech, at (970)549-5336, or

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