Weekend Arrests for Drugs, DUI, and Criminal Mischief #GVCopBeat

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STAHLYEarly Sunday morning, an officer with the Grand Junction Police Department observed a vehicle traveling northbound on N. 1st Street.  The vehicle appeared to be attempting to turn, striking the median and changing direction of travel several times.  A traffic stop was conducted, and the driver of the vehicle was identified as Donald Stahly, 38.

Stahly fumbled with his driver’s license and paperwork, initially providing officers with a credit card, rather than his identification.  Stahly was asked how much he’d had to drink.  Initially, he stated he’d had “one beer.”  Asked a second time, he stated he’d had “two or three beers.”  A third inquiry resulted in a response of “three to four beers.”  When asked how big the beers were, Stahly stated they were “really big.”  Ultimately, Stahly admitted to drinking “six beers.”

Roadside maneuvers gave further indication of intoxication and Stahly was placed into custody.  A records check on Stahly revealed that he had a previous arrest for driving while ability impaired.  Stahly was booked into the Mesa County Jail on charges of DUI and Careless Driving


WRIGHTShortly before 10am on Sunday morning, officer were dispatched to a welfare check at Wal-Mart on North Avenue.  An employee stated that a male was seemingly passed out in the restroom.

Officers located the male, later identified as Christopher Wright, 32, asleep in one of the bathroom stalls.  Upon speaking to Wright, he stated that he had injected methamphetamine intravenously the previous night.  A routine records check was completed on Wright, which revealed two warrants for his arrest.

After being placed into custody, Wright inquired about his backpack, which was at the customer service desk.  The backpack was retrieved and searched, subsequent to Wright’s arrest.  Inside the bag, were several needles, vials, and coin sized baggies, commonly used in the distribution of drugs.  A substance inside one of the vials tested positive for methamphetamine.

Wright was arrested and remanded to the Mesa County Jail on charges of Possession of a Schedule II Controlled Substance and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, as well as the two warrants.


LIPARI-WALTERSJust after 1:30pm on Sunday afternoon, officers were dispatched to Del Taco on North Avenue in response to a physical altercation between two females, one of which was reported to possibly have a broken wrist.  When officers arrived on scene, one female was being loaded into an ambulance by paramedics.

Later that afternoon, officers responded to St Mary’s Hospital in regards to the same female damaging property in the emergency room.  Upon arrival, officers spoke to hospital staff, who stated that the female, identified as Twila Lipari-Walters, 60, had been pushing the nurse call button repeatedly and was yelling for nurses to come to her room.  By the time staff was able to respond, they discovered that Lipari-Walters had used the television remote in her room to smash the touch screen display of a vitals monitor.  The cost to replace the monitor was estimated at over $1,000.

After being medically cleared by hospital staff, Lipari-Walters was arrested and remanded to the Mesa County Jail for Criminal Mischief (F6).

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