Telephone Scam Circulating Our Area #GJCO #GVCopBeat #ShareGJ

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The Grand Junction Police Department has received several reports today regarding an attempted scam involving a male calling and texting residents, claiming to be with law enforcement. The male is reported to be making aggressive threats, including arrest, if the victims don’t provide money or financial information. This is a scam. If you receive this call, or any call involving a similar premise, such as a claim that you’ve missed jury duty, you are advised to hang up immediately. Do not provide any personal or financial information.

Scams of this nature have become frustratingly common. The best defense against falling victim to this, or any other type of scam, is public awareness. If you are targeted with this scam, you are not required to contact law enforcement, as these fraudulent calls are often difficult, if not impossible, to trace. We ask that you share this information with your families, friends, and neighbors to protect them, as well.

We thank you for partnering with us to build a safe, proactive, and informed community.

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