Arrest Made for Possession of Drugs and Weapons #GVCopBeat

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cuffsShortly after midnight on Sunday, an officer with the Grand Junction Police Department observed a vehicle parked near the intersection of N. 14th Street and Elm Avenue with a beer bottle on the roof of the car and a male standing outside of the vehicle, who appeared to be underage.  Upon seeing the officer, the male immediately entered the vehicle and attempted to drive away from the area.  The officer was able to stop the vehicle, and contacted the driver and occupants.

In addition to the driver, there were three passengers in the vehicle, one of whom was identified as Tyrone Gibson, 18.  Gibson was seated in the rear driver’s side seat of the vehicle, and officers observed that Gibson was holding an alcoholic beverage between his legs.  All of the occupants of the vehicle were asked to exit and sit on the curb.  When Gibson was asked to be patted down for weapons, he attempted to flee northbound.  An officer was able to grab Gibson in a bear hug, and Gibson immediately began reaching for his pants pocket.  Gibson was taken to the ground and placed in handcuffs.  A search of Gibson revealed a loaded pistol, drug paraphernalia, and cocaine in his pants pockets.  Gibson was found to have an active warrant for his arrest, and a check of the serial number on the pistol in his possession revealed that the gun had been reported as stolen.

Gibson was booked into the Mesa County Jail for charges including Possession of a Schedule I/II Controlled Substance (DF4), Unlawfully Carrying a Concealed Weapon (M2), Possession of Weapons by a Previous Offender (F5), Illegal Possession/Consumption of Marijuana Under 21 YOA (PO), Illegal Possession/Consumption of Alcohol Under 21 YOA (PO), Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (PO), and Resisting Arrest (M2).

The driver of the vehicle, Drew Ludwig, 18, was issued a summons for DUI and possession of alcohol and marijuana, and an additional juvenile passenger was issued a summons for possession of marijuana and possession of a schedule IV controlled substance.


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