Update to Incident at 1600 North Avenue #GVCopBeat

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IMG_0390Earlier this afternoon, we posted a brief statement on our Facebook page regarding an incident that occurred today in the 1600 Block of North Avenue.  Following are some additional details regarding that incident.

We can now confirm that the initial call for this incident, which came in shortly after noon, was from an individual who said his neighbor had accidentally shot himself in the chest. It was then stated that the neighbor may have been playing with a bullet that “exploded.” The reporting party stated that the injured neighbor was believed to be intoxicated, and it was unknown if this was possibly a suicide attempt. The reporting party stated that the injured man had walked back to his own apartment, after asking the reporting party to call an ambulance. The reporting party also observed that the subject had a gun in his hand.

When officers arrived on scene, they were able at various points to observe the subject with what appeared to be a gun in his hand. Officers were able to make verbal contact with the male, but the male was not compliant with officer’s instructions.

At one point during this incident when the subject was outside, an officer with the GJPD did discharge at least one round from a firearm. It is unknown at this time if the subject was struck, or if his injuries were sustained prior to the arrival of law enforcement. Less lethal rounds were also deployed at some time during the incident. Ultimately, the subject did comply with officers, and was detained without further incident. The subject was transported to the hospital with injuries that did not appear to be life threatening, but the extent is unknown. There were no other injuries to anyone else involved.

As in any officer involved shooting, the multi-jurisdictional Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) has been convened, and they will conduct the criminal investigation into the circumstances surrounding the shooting. The Grand Junction Police Department will conduct a parallel Internal Affairs review of the incident as well. The officer involved, an 11-year veteran of the GJPD, has been placed on Administrative Leave pending the outcome of the Internal Affairs review, as is standard protocol in such an incident.

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