Tricks to Make this Halloween a Treat!

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MESA COUNTY, COLORADO – Halloween is a fun holiday for kids, but for parents, trick-or-treat time can be worrisome.  The following safety tips will help ensure that Halloween will be a fun, safe, and memorable event for all families.

Costume Selection

Costumes should be fire safe; store-bought costumes should have a flame-resistant or flame-retardant label. Costumes should allow free movement, but should not have parts that trail or drag.  Masks should provide clear vision from the front, sides, and bottom.  Finally, all props, such as fake knives, swords, guns, or weapons of any kind, should be make from cardboard or flexible materials to prevent accidental injury and avoid being mistaken for the real thing.  Be sure to take pictures of your trick-or-treaters in costume so that they could be easily identified by emergency personnel, if necessary.

Rules for the Street

An adult or trusted teen should determine the route and accompany their trick-or-treaters. If the trick-or-treaters are walking, they should carry a flashlight or glow sticks, cross streets only at intersections and designated crosswalks, and avoid major intersections whenever possible.  If an adult is driving the trick-or-treaters from place to place, they should drive slower than the posted speed limit, activate hazard lights to alert other motorists that they are driving slowly and making frequent stops, and anticipate children that may not be paying attention and could dart into traffic.

Back Home and Safe

Treats should not be eaten until an adult has checked them. Check the treats for any sign of tampering with the wrappers.  Pay special attention to homemade treats; don’t allow your children to eat them unless you know and trust the source.  Be sure to talk about anything that may have troubled or frightened your child while they were out and about.  Finally, be sure to report any suspicious or criminal activity you observe by dialing 911 for emergencies, or 242-6707 for non-emergencies.

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