Have You Thanked Your Dispatchers Lately? #NPSTW2017

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Logo GJ911Each year, the second week of April is recognized as National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week.  In Mesa County, we honor the employees of the Grand Junction Regional Communication Center for the exceptional work that they do, day in and day out, to support first responder agencies across the Grand Valley.  These are the unseen faces, the first first responders, that voice in the chaos that creates a lifeline to those that need it most.

This week, we held our annual awards ceremony, to recognize the important accomplishments of these dedicated employees.  We celebrated the three dispatchers who assisted in the deliveries of three healthy babies, who simply couldn’t wait to get to the hospital to be born.  We honored the four dispatchers who successfully provided CPR instructions over the phone, saving the lives of six people in the process.  Do the math; two of those dispatchers had the opportunity to do it twice.

We also took the opportunity to present three awards, the recipients of which were chosen by their peers, for categories of esteemed service to the call center.  Jeff Burkhalter was named Communications Training Officer of the Year, Sarah Arrants was named Supervisor of the Year, and Amanda Fuoco was named Telecommunicator of the Year.  Congratulations to these three employees, who are very deserving of recognition for their dedication to the agencies they serve, as well as the community as a whole.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out the new website that we launched this week, www.911CaresForMesaCounty.org.  Here, we’ve shared some of the incredible stories of our dispatchers, told in their own words, as well as the challenges and rewards of the work they do.  It’s a great opportunity to learn more about the critical role of dispatchers in providing public safety to the citizens we serve.

Communications Training Officer of the Year, Jeff Burkhalter, with Mesa County Sheriff Matt Lewis
IMG_4308 cropped
Supervisor of the Year, Sarah Arrants, with Grand Junction Police Chief John Camper
Telecommunicator of the Year, Amanda Fuoco, with Grand Junction Fire Chief Ken Watkins
Communications Administrative Specialist, Heidi Lewis, with GJRCC Operations Manager, Monica Million

One thought on “Have You Thanked Your Dispatchers Lately? #NPSTW2017

    Nancy Lindwedel said:
    April 13, 2017 at 4:55 pm

    You all do such a wonderful keeping officers safe on their patrols and helping us civilians calm with your rational, patient demeanor . Hoping the ones of you who have those awful colds, allergies, and scratchy throat get to feeling better soon … Thanks for all you do …

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