Lifesaving Efforts Recognized with Citizen Service Award #GVCopBeat

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Chief Camper, presenting Ms. Gomez with her Citizen Service Award

“Had it not been for your awareness and quick actions, this incident could have ended in a very tragic way.”


Those words were included in a letter of appreciation that was read at the Law Enforcement Latino Alliance meeting on Tuesday afternoon, in recognition of the heroic actions of Ms. Guadalupe Gomez.

In the early morning hours of May 7th, officers with the Grand Junction Police Department were dispatched to a hotel on Horizon Drive, in reference to a three year old child who was found in the indoor pool.  Further investigation revealed that Ms. Gomez, an employee of the hotel, pulled the drowning child from the water, after hearing what sounded like screaming coming from the area.  Because the courtyard to the pool was locked, Ms. Gomez had to climb over a three foot wall into a planter in order to access the pool.  Due to the quick and decisive actions of Ms. Gomez, the child made a full recovery.

Chief Camper was honored to recognize and thank Ms. Gomez on behalf of the Grand Junction Police Department for her commendable efforts, which ultimately saved the life of this young child.

Thank you, Ms. Gomez!

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