Another Student Arrested for Interference with School Operations #GVCopBeat

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img_1464A thirteen-year-old male student at East Middle School was arrested and released on a summons to his parents this morning for making statements to other students about carrying out a school shooting. The student was charged with Interference with Staff, Faculty, or Students of Educational Institutions, a class one misdemeanor. The Colorado Open Records Act prohibits the release of the student’s name or identifying information.

The student is alleged to have made these statements yesterday morning at school. Other students who overheard the statements shared them with their peers and on social media, but did not immediately report them. The first Safe2Tell tip didn’t come in until approximately 2:30pm, shortly before school let out for the day. The suspect was contacted yesterday afternoon, and received his summons this morning. The student is not in school today.

Parents, please remind your children of the importance of immediately reporting anything they perceive as a threat or safety issue to school staff without delay so that law enforcement can intervene. While we know and expect that issues like this will generate conversation and speculation, the priority must be notifying adults who can assess the safety of students and staff right away.

One thought on “Another Student Arrested for Interference with School Operations #GVCopBeat

    Charlynn Knox said:
    February 22, 2018 at 12:18 pm

    WHY are you releasing these kids into their parents custody when they are making obvious threats to our schools maybe a couple of days in Dyc oy Dys would open there eyes up!!!!!!
    Thank You for listening

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