Suspect Arrested for Theft from Local Diner #GVCopBeat

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GJPD badge CLEANAt approximately 6:45am, officers were dispatched to Randy’s Southside Diner at 2430 North Avenue for a robbery in progress.

It was reported that a laptop computer belonging to the business had been stolen from the front counter of the restaurant. An employee confronted a customer about the missing laptop, who denied stealing it. The employee went to the parking lot and found the laptop in the bed of the truck in which the suspected customer had arrived, and retrieved it. The suspect followed the employee to the parking lot and attempted to regain control of the stolen laptop from the employee. After a brief struggle, the employee was able to retain control of the computer and returned to the business. The suspect left the area. A subsequent review of footage captured from security cameras inside the restaurant showed the suspect taking the laptop from the counter, placing it down his pants, and exiting the business.

Officers searched the area and were able to locate a subject matching the clothing description of the suspect in the 2500 Block of Mesa Avenue. The victim in the case responded to the area with an officer and was able to identify the subject as the male who stole the computer. The suspect was told he was under arrest, and briefly struggled with officers who were attempting to handcuff him. He was ultimately placed into custody with no injuries to him or the officers involved. The suspect, identified as Jeremiah Starr, age 41, was arrested and remanded to the Mesa County Jail for charges of Theft from Person (F5), Theft from Building (M2), and Resisting Arrest (M2).

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