Man Arrested for Felony Damage to Golf Course #GVCopBeat

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img_2299-5Shortly before 5:00am today, officers with the Grand Junction Police Department were dispatched to a reported hit and run crash in the 200 Block of Mountain View Street. Upon arrival, officers discovered that a vehicle had driven onto private property in that area, striking and damaging a fence, and then proceeded to “spin donuts,” or drive recklessly in repeated circles, causing damage to the landscaping in the yard. The vehicle also struck and damaged a guideline to an electrical pole located on the property. The vehicle was no longer on scene when officers arrived, but they were able to locate a license plate that had been left behind.

Just a few minutes later, officers were dispatched to a vandalism in progress, occurring at the Lincoln Park Golf Course. A witness reported that a white vehicle was currently on the course, spinning donuts. Officers arrived on scene and witnessed the vehicle driving on the golf course. When the vehicle exited the golf course, an officer attempted to stop the car, but the driver fled at a high rate of speed, nearly causing a collision with a passing vehicle on N. 12th Street. Ultimately, the driver of the car stopped near N. 10th Street and Teller Avenue. It was determined that this was the same vehicle that was involved in the hit and run crash on Mountain View.

The driver of the vehicle, Jacob Hunger, 22, of Grand Junction, was arrested for Felony Eluding (F5), Criminal Mischief (F6), DUI, Reckless Driving, No Proof of Insurance, Open Alcohol Container, Open Marijuana Container, Failure to Notify Police of an Accident, and Leaving the Scene of an Accident. Hunger was remanded to the Mesa County Detention Facility.

2 thoughts on “Man Arrested for Felony Damage to Golf Course #GVCopBeat

    Lisa lambert said:
    February 4, 2019 at 10:49 am

    My son Tony Lambert was riding his bike to work & chased down by this guy at 4am he needs to press charges unsure of details but he rides his bike on om middle school walking bridge that I believe is where he was driving my son works at capco I haven’t got all details yet

    Shirley mcmullen said:
    February 4, 2019 at 12:40 pm

    Glad you caught him

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