Owner of Local Youth Sports Organization Arrested for Fraud #GVCopBeat

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img_2299-5A man affiliated with a local junior football association has been arrested for knowingly writing fraudulent checks totaling in excess of $30,000. William “Billy” Lampshire, 31, of Grand Junction, is charged with three counts of Fraud by Check, a class 6 felony.

In November of 2018, Lampshire contacted the Grand Junction Police Department to report the possible theft of approximately $150,000 in youth football sporting equipment, belonging to the Mesa County Youth Sports Corporation, of which Lampshire is the majority owner.  Ultimately, the investigation revealed that the equipment had been collected by board members and a co-owner of the corporation, and the investigation was closed, as it was determined that no crime occurred.

Through the course of that initial investigation, detectives with the Grand Junction Police Department became aware of several allegations of bad checks being written by Lampshire from the football league’s account.  In October of 2018, Mesa County Youth Sports leased space for a haunted house.  Several workers were paid for their services related to the haunted house with checks written from the football league’s account.  The checks bounced and the account from which the checks were written was closed without the checks being honored.

Additionally, a space was rented in a local business for the youth football league; the same location from which Lampshire originally alleged the theft of the sports equipment.  Lampshire provided checks from the junior football league account and from a William Lampshire Corporation account for rent and utilities on the rental space.  The accounts did not have sufficient funds to cover the checks, and they were returned.

Ultimately, a warrant was requested for the arrest of Lampshire for knowingly issuing checks on an account with insufficient funds, with the intent to defraud.  Lampshire was arrested today without incident in the 2400 Block of Brookwillow Loop and was remanded to the Mesa County Detention Facility on the no-bond warrant.

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