New SCAM Affecting Retail Businesses #GVCopBeat

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0Attention retail employees! There is a new scam going on all over Mesa County and we want you to protect yourself and your business from falling victim.

There have been multiple reports over the last few weeks of a person claiming to be from a corporate office calling businesses around town.  The person claims that they are performing an audit of some sort.  They provide a control number and request that the employee prepare a specific amount of cash and, sometimes, inventory, as well.  They say they are sending someone to pick up the cash and inventory as part of the audit, and the runner will provide the control number for verification purposes at the time of pick up.  The person calling may tell the employee NOT to notify their supervisor or manager, stating that this is a confidential process.

THIS IS A SCAM.  This is theft.  These individuals are NOT from a corporate office.  If you receive a call like this: first, refer to your company policies and procedures and call your corporate office to verify the activity.  If it’s determined to be a fraudulent attempt at theft, call the police and report it immediately.

If an attempt at this scam has been made at your place of employment and you have not yet reported it, please do.  Call non-emergency dispatch at (970)242-6707.  Investigators are actively working to identify the suspects involved.

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