Citizen Commended for Compassionate Service to Community #GVCopBeat

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Tonight, at the Grand Junction City Council meeting, Deputy Chief Matt Smith got the privilege of formally recognizing a community member who demonstrated courage and compassion to help someone when they needed it most.

On July 2, 2019, at approximately 4:17 p.m., law enforcement was dispatched to respond to the area of the Riverside Parkway pedestrian bridge. This request was made in regard to a possible suicidal subject who was standing on top of the bridge structure.

Upon arrival in the area, officers could not immediately locate anyone on or below the pedestrian bridge. After searching the area under the Highway 340 bridge, an officer located a subject sitting on top of the pedestrian bridge directly over Crosby Avenue. The subject had climbed onto the bridge and it was obvious that the subject was in emotional distress.

As officers were assessing the situation, they noticed a person riding his bicycle southbound on Crosby Avenue. This person stopped and left his bicycle near the pedestrian bridge, ascended the stairs and was in verbal communication with the juvenile subject on the bridge. The juvenile’s emotional demeanor did not appear to be exacerbated by the presence of the bystander. Because of the positive interaction between the two, officers decided to monitor the contact. After approximately 12 minutes, the juvenile climbed down onto the walkway and joined the bystander.

Once the situation had been made safe and the juvenile was cared for, officers identified this kind citizen as Marcus Alexander.  Marcus chose to stop and help someone who, prior to that day, he didn’t even know. He recognized that this was a human being in distress, and although Marcus was on his way to work, he stopped to intervene and see what he could offer. Whatever he said to that young woman on the afternoon of July 2nd may very well have saved her life.  What Marcus displayed that afternoon represents the best of humanity, and demonstrates a level of compassion we could all strive for.

In recognition of Marcus’s support and courage, Deputy Chief Smith was honored to present Marcus with a Letter of Appreciation on behalf of the Grand Junction Police Department. Marcus is commended for his quick action and willingness to assist. His efforts to keep our community safe speaks volumes about his character and were critical to the successful outcome of this situation.  We are grateful to serve a community of people like Marcus.