Donation Made to the Center for Children to Provide Needed Equipment #GVCopBeat

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IMG_3922The important role of up-to-date technology in the successful investigation and prosecution of crimes is a topic that Jordan Huslig is passionate about.  It’s something that he’s tasked with every day in his career as a Digital Forensic Analyst for the Grand Junction Police Department.  His training and education as it pertains to the handling of video, audio, and other forms of digital evidence is extensive.  In fact, Jordan maintains a skilled certification that only roughly 60 other people in the world have obtained.

So, when Jordan learned that the Center for Children was in need of some additional, updated equipment, he took note.  The Center for Children is a hub of services for Mesa County and surrounding areas that provides interviews, counseling, and intervention to children and families who have experienced abuse.  The highly trained staff at the Center for Children is a critical part of our community; the work they do not only lends itself to the successful prosecution of perpetrators of crimes against children, but they also invest in the recovery and well-being of young victims, helping them to move forward toward a healthy and happy future.

When Jordan learned that the Center for Children needed help in purchasing new equipment, he designed a fundraising wrist brand and, with support from the Grand Junction Police Department, he had 200 of them produced.  While at the Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Video Association (LEVA) conference in Denver in October, Jordan offered the bracelets to other attendees, in exchange for a donation to raise funds for the Center for Children.  His efforts were a success, even prompting a vendor at the conference to join forces with him to offer the chance to win a complimentary training course to anyone who chose to donate.  Additionally, LEVA graciously offered to make a generous donation to Jordan’s efforts, resulting in a $1000 gift to the Center for Children to go toward needed equipment.  Jordan was pleased to present the donation at the board meeting of the Center for Children this morning.

We’re so proud to have community-minded individuals like Jordan at the Grand Junction Police Department.  His efforts to support an organization like the Center for Children, which is an integral part of the safety mission of law enforcement in Mesa County and beyond, exemplifies the compassion and commitment of the public safety professionals in this community.  Please join us in a heartfelt thank you to Jordan, LEVA, and the other partners that made this donation possible.

Pictured here: Dr. Bill Hilty, Board President for the Center for Children, Mistalynn Meyeraan, Executive Directer, Jordan Huslig, Digital Forensic Analyst with the GJPD, GJPD Chief of Police Doug Shoemaker, and Jody Lusby, Development/Outreach Coordinator for the Center for Children

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