A Gratifying Example of Successful Community Partnerships #GVCopBeat

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Recently, we received a lovely email from a local care coordinator who often works with individuals experiencing homelessness.  She relayed an experience she had with our Community Resource Officers, Matt Koch and Brett Boyer, and shared her observations about the exceptional service they provided to a local woman who was in need of resources.  In part, the email said this:

When meeting with this woman and Officer Koch, on Monday, she was shut down, only responsive to him and only engaged in conversation with him. Matt provided such a support to me, as a community partner, to allow me to get what I needed from her and get the process started. I appreciate that he was patient, very professional, showed her compassion, understanding, and empathy. By Tuesday when we met with her again, she was open to conversation, willing to work with me, and engaged in services. By Thursday, she was approved for housing, had applications in for other assistance, and moved into her new home, which ultimately will allow her to transition into permanent housing. This woman, if follows the rules and pays her portion, never has to be homeless again.

In short, because of your officers, this chronically homeless elderly individual now has a place to live (as of today, which they also coordinated transporting her and her belongings), she is now signed up to receive the much needed health care she needs, food assistance, and additional financial support due to her age.

 I really wanted to call out the amazing things that they both do, consistently. I have had the great privilege to work with them jointly on other cases for about 4 months now, and they consistently demonstrate respect to the individual, myself, and community partners as well as teamwork, integrity, and excellent personal skills.

 I am extremely proud of the reflection they bring to the GJPD and wanted to share.”

We couldn’t have possibly said it better and we wanted to share, too.  We’re always gratified when the good work of our officers is recognized.  More importantly, this is a great example that highlights that it does, indeed, take a village; it takes multiple care coordinators, resource providers, and vested partners to provide comprehensive care to people who need it.  We’re pleased to be part of a dedicated team of people who are going above and beyond to help people in our community find stability.

GJPD and H.N.

One thought on “A Gratifying Example of Successful Community Partnerships #GVCopBeat

    Betty Marcus said:
    December 23, 2019 at 11:07 am

    Thank You so much, and blessings for the Holiday Season.

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